English Title:The Karst
Chinese Title: 《史前天坑》
Duration: 52mins
Format: HD

Director: Alan LAU, Kin Lun / 劉健倫
Scritp Writer: Tso Yin Sin / 曹燕茜
Underwater Camera: Sai Lai LAU, Bibian WONG
Production Company: Zocalo Cultural Development / 索卡羅文化傳播
Commissioning Project: National Geographic Channel l China International Television Corporation

On-Air: 2013

《The Karst 》Trailer

《The Karst 》Synopsis and Details:

Human beings are the planet's most enthusiastic animal hungering for knowledge. Whether it is land, air or sea, and even outer space, we must try every means to leave our own footprints. Here is an alternative space on the earth. Its property make it not sea, not land, not sky, yet a harmonious mix of these three, and the timeline is terminated in the past - the pre-history Karst, has seized the attention from travelers, explorers, mountaineering experts, historians as well as divers by its mystery and difficulty of adventure. Currently, only Russia, Australia, Papau New Guinea and China have discovered pre-history Karst.

A group of underwater archaeological enthusiasts and mountaineering organizations from Hong Kong are embarking on a search for "Karst" tour to explore the Leye pre-history Karst in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. "Karst" means underground caves. As there are often ancient species and some animals which have to go through an appropriate evolution to adapt to the pit life found within the pre-history Karst, their ecological status shows the fourth sector of biosphere on the Earth besides the sky, the land and the sea.

Sinking Island

Leye pre-history Karst has been confirmed as the world's present largest pre-history Karst with the shape of a huge funnel, hidden among the mountains and is in a strong active period. It maintains the paleobiocenosis existed millions of years ago which is isolated from the external world and unique animals and plants gene bank of ancient times. As the area of Leye pre-history Karst is very large, there are many situations within the paleobiocenosis have not yet been explored.

Leye pre-history Karst was formed 65 million years ago. Its vertical depth and width are over 600 meters, and the volume is 80 million cubic meters. The area of the primitive forest at the bottom is more than 100,000 square meters, and the underground jungle trees can be up to 6 meters in diameter. At the bottom you may find rare green orchids, pricky square bamboos and unknown flowers. All these dazzling plants make you feel like entering the Pandora Planet of Avatar. Most plants in the underground forest are shade plants, mostly algae and ferns. Cyatheaceae living in a period earlier than the dinosaurs can also be found everywhere. This scene could only be seen million years ago.

In addition, there are many wonderful Karst caves around the Leye pre-history Karst, which run through 20 pre-history Karsts, wit the deepest once is over 600 meters and the shallow ones are more than 300 meters, forming a unique pre-history Karst group. Under the Karst caves lies the 700-kilometer underground river, which is the current longest underground river system in the world; many rare species were found at the river bottom which were never recorded in the history of human life, including blind fish, white comatulid eagle, transparent shrimp, Chinese stream crab and ghost spiders et. Therefore, the Leye pre-history Karst is known as the "World Pre-history Karst Museum."

A large number of fossils are also found around the Leye pre-history Karst. In the cave's upper part many goose egg-like snails and shellfish fossils wrapped in stalactites are also found. It is understood that these fossils are fossils of marine animals during the Permian.

Along with the geological changes, climate change, and the destruction of human activities, many ancient plants and animals have become extinct or variation. However, this somber place carries a large number of prehistoric animals and plants for the Earth and maintains undoubtedly a source of ecological gene pool for the human beings, which plays an immeasurably important role of research and development of species in the future.

Production Plan and Details

The shooting program of the Leye pre-history Karst in China is few, and the deconstruction of its special development of topography is unique. Along with the rapid development in China, many valuable natural resources have been destroyed, or even disappeared. For the effective record and protection of this original ecological gene pool over 60 million years old, we will be led by the mountaineering team formed by experts from Hong Kong and Mainland China to go down to the over 600 meters deep underground of the fourth sector of biosphere for species collection and research; for a more comprehensive record of biological samples, the shooting team will be in conjunction with the underwater archaeological to have a comprehensive study on the underground river of the Leye pre-history Karst.

To highlight the peculiar topography formation of the Leye pre-history Karst, three-dimensional animation is the only most effective and impressed way of expression. We will use a lot of Fluid Effect and Procedure Mapping skills in three-dimensional effects to disclose completely the forming process of the Leye pre-history Karst of almost 100 million years old in front of the audience. In the filming aspect, in addition to high-definition underwater photography, we will also use remote-controlled helicopter for aerial photography to show the spectacular Leye pre-history Karst and the brilliant process of climbers hanging from the earth surface to 600 meters deep bottom of the pre-history Karst. Coupled with the cameras on climbers’ heads, the zero distance capture can fully record the intense process of exploration.

We have the first team of land and air elite from Hong Kong, including technical diving experts, underwater archaeological experts and professors as consultants. The gathered mountaineering masters and their skills and expertise are great supports to the shooting. Together with the aerial photography technology, this shooting of the pre-history Karst will lead the audience to the observation of dazzling visual enjoy, so as to understand the spirit, vision and mind of Hong Kong people.


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