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Title: Missing Home (我要回家)
Length: 67mins
Award : Entry of IDFA 2010; Entry of Guangzhou International Documentary Festival, 2010. 2010 World Mountain Documentary Festival of Qinghai China
Production Time: 2008-2010

Funded by: ADC (Hong Kong Arts Development Council -香港藝術發展局支助計劃)
Producer: Isis Tso Yin Sin
Directed by: Alan Lau Kin Lun



Hundred thousand of lives were buried during the 5.12 Sichuan earthquake, medias are all focusing on the re-construction of housing and schools. However, what draw us attention is a group of 40 survived orphans; they have been gathered in Sifung and is waiting for transship to Yuenam on 17th May.

By 10 seconds of earthquake, parents were all gone, they became homeless and hopeless. With the help of the Chinese Children Fund, 40 orphans were shipped to Lijiang from Sifung, Sichuan, a week after the quake, where will they go? How will they go? How will be the new school and new environment? They all don’t know, what they have all long the way is just a single clothes, and a piece of small paper with a telephone number written on it. Their new lives begin as they walk into the orphanage door, they have to learn washing clothes there, they have to learn how to live and cooperate with the others, they have to learn how to cope with the loneliness, how to support with each others, and even learn how to earn money to support their own lives.

The orphanage is a paradise when comparing with their home. However, the kids can’t stop missing their home, they decided to pick up their dolls one day, but it doesn’t mean a happy life begins, thousands of questions they have to face in the future.

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2008年5月12日, 四川大地震, 10秒間, 無數兒童變得無依無靠, 他們被送往不同地方. 要到那? 怎樣去? 他們不知道. 一件單薄衣服和一張寫上電話號碼的紙條就是他們的所有……
地震後2星期, 40個震後兒童被送往麗江孤兒院, 從此, 他們的生命有了變化, 他們要學習自己照顧自己, 學習賺錢能養活自己…..跟災區的家鄉比較, 儘管孤兒院是人間天堂, 但孩子們晚上依然夢見死去的家人.

因為忍受不了對 “家” 的思念, 兩年後, 三個女孩決定要回家......

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